If YOU have a new publication, a photography show, or wish to promote your services, consider advertising through moonShine review. You’ll receive three times the promotion for the purchase of one ad. Readers and prospective submitters will view your ad:

1.  in our next printed journal,
2.  on this website, and
3.  on our Facebook page.


1.  1/4 Page Ad = $25.00 & size is 2″ by 3.5″
2.  1/2 Page Ad = $45.00 & size is 4″ by 3.5″

3.  Full Page Ad = $65.00 & size is 4″ by 7″


1.  If providing your own ad,

a.  Use sizes listed above.
b.  Do NOT place a border around your ad.
c.  Provide as jpeg file and at least 300 dpi quality.

2.  We are happy to design your ad for you at no extra cost. 

3.  For us to design, email us what you want to say:

a.  Text for printed ad.
b.  Expanded version of text for website and Facebook.
c.  Examples of book info: book title, author, publisher,
         ISBN, cost, where to order, website links

d.  Examples of show info: show title, presenter, where
         & when, ongoing or not, cost (if applicable)

e.  Examples of services info: name of company, email
         and web addresses, brief description of services

3.  AND send us your image:

a.  Images include book cover, photos, logo.
b.  Provide jpeg files.

b.  Provide 300 dpi, at least 3″ by 5″ for print.

NOTE: The best way to know what to provide in YOUR ad is to check out the ads listed on this website and in our printed journal. For more information or to advertise with us, please contact Anne Kaylor, publisher, at