Anne Kaylor, Editing Services

I believe in the power of your words.  My recipe for a great novel, story, memoir, poem, or any creative work you wish to share with others … one part passion, one part talent, and one part editing.  As a writer, I know how hard it is to publish—and I know the more polished the piece is, the better your chances are of getting published.  I believe, no matter how good we are as writers, we always need a good editor.

I offer content review, I read for consistency and accuracy throughout, and I provide line-by-line grammatical editing.  Having spent more than 22 years in graphic design, I am also adept at cover designs and inside layout of your book.

My background: I’ve been writing since I was 12 years old.  With undergraduate and graduate degrees in the fields of creative writing and literature, I have learned much about editing and the importance of good feedback.  Through on-the-job training and running my own business, I’ve been immersed in editing and graphic design.  I have worked for many individuals, spent many years as a contractor with First Union (then “Wachovia” and now “Wells Fargo”), so I’m very at home with technical writing and editing as well.

As executive editor and publisher of moonShine review, and now co-editor of Kakalak, I continue to learn each day what it is to be a better editor—and how to provide feedback in an honest and kind manner.

For me, the process of getting there truly is as important as the final product.  I am here to assist you.  There is nothing more compelling—or vitalizing—to me than a satisfied client.

To inquire more about my services and request references, please contact me at:


2 thoughts on “Anne Kaylor, Editing Services

  1. Jack Grubbs says:

    Ann – I am finishing up a history book on the “Joint Communications Support Element” and am interested in both editing and layout so that Main Street Rag (Scott Douglas) can print out about 200-250 copies. I am probably 95% complete and would like to inquire about possibly working with you on the book. The one interesting thing is that although I am the author (and will have an ISBN number) the books and all rights to my work will belong to the U.S. Military. It has been a very interesting project. I will return to Charlotte around the 11/12th of April and would like to meet at your convenience. I appreciate your help.

    Jack Grubbs

  2. Happy New Year, Ann,
    You critiqued my poetry and worked with me at the SC Carolina Writers Conf. in November at Myrtle Beach. One of your suggesstions was that I write some poetry from a personal side, my relationships with the Sougb people. I have done a few and would like to send you a sampling to see if you think I am headed in the right direction. I have also revised and re-worked the poems you made comments on. I hope to prepare a poetry book this new year.

    Thank you for your repsonse, Barbara Lunow

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