Readings & Events

Celebrating Kakalak 2020: Upcoming Zoom Readings


January 28
February 25
March 25 (full)
April 29

NOTE: List of participants for
each reading provided
at bottom of page.
(listing current as of 3/22/2021)


Each Reading features 18-20 Kakalak contributors, so please keep presentations to less than 5 minutes to read a poem or display and discuss a piece of visual art from Kakalak 2020.

To participate, email Anne Kaylor at
(You will also receive an email invitation and can RSVP to the email.)

When responding, please include your first and second choice of reading dates.

Participants are chosen from those who respond first with their preferred date(s).

Participants will receive a confirmation email from Anne Kaylor.

David Poston will email participants with a formal Zoom invitation a day or two before the scheduled reading.


Welcome & Introductions
Zoom Technical Reminders
10 Poets/Artists Present (30-40 minutes)
Kakalak 2021 Announcements
10 Poets/Artists Present (30-40 minutes)
Q&A & Adjourn


—Preview your Zoom video settings to check lighting and background.
—Preview your Zoom speaker and microphone settings.
—Make sure you know how to UNmute your audio.
—Artists/Photographers should check how your pieces look on camera.
—Silence your devices and sequester your pets.
—Display your full name so others will see who you are.
—Begin by stating your name, the title of your piece, and the page number of your selection.
—You may find it helpful to use Speaker View during other presentations.

Thank you and I look forward to hearing from you!
Anne M. Kaylor
Kakalak Executive Editor and Publisher

January 28 Participants:

Kathy Ackerman
Pam Baggett
Joan Barasovska
Cheryl Boyer
Joy Colter
Steve Cushman
Debra Daniel
Bill Griffin

David A. Radavich
Jane Shlensky
Martin Settle
Caren Stuart
Melinda Thomsen
Nancy Womack
Nancy Young
Laura Younger

February 25 Participants:

Melanie Aves
Don Ball
Joyce Compton Brown
Les Brown
Kathleen Calby
Ken Chamlee
Debra Daniel
Sue Weaver Dunlap
Nadine Ellsworth-Moran

Michael Gaspeny
Karen Luke Jackson
Kathryn Etters Lovatt
Ione (Tootsie) O’Hara
H.R. Spencer
Kathryn Waller
Priscilla Webster-Williams
Zachariah Claypole White
Emily Wilmer

March 25 Participants:

Pam Baggett
Mary O’Keefe Brady
Norma Bradley
Julie Ann Cook
Beth Copeland
Susan M. Craig
Debra Daniel
Rebecca Ethridge
Terri Greco
Janis Harrington

Kelly Jones
Carolina Kane Kenna
Sandra Marshburn
Preston Martin
Jenny Van Stone
Betsy Thorne
Lucinda Trew
Kathryn Waller
Eric Weil
Nancy Womack

April 29 Participants:

Suzannah L Cockerille
Debra Daniel
Mary Alice Dixon
Anne Waters Green
Bill Griffin
Janis Harrington
Jo Ann Hoffman
Charles Israel, Jr.
Jeanne Julian
Kathryn Etters Lovatt

Preston Martin
Terri McCord
Lisa M. Pursley
Pat Riviere-Seel
Susan Sailer
Jane Seitel
Trish Sheppard
Caren Stuart
Gena Williams