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MR-14-2-Cover-FRONT ONLYWriters find inspiration
in everything from the supernatural to the mundane. A song on the radio may inspire one person to create a world cast only in shades of blue while another may discover the fifty-first way to leave a lover. This issue illustrates such diversity
I wonder what stimulus drives our authors.

The characters herein certainly form a
multifarious lot. Like the foamy sweetness brimming a decadent dessert, some you’ll delight in. Others you’ll find noxious, like regurgitated slop—those who will make you cringe initially then revel in their felicitous fates…

Special Thanks to the Contributors for this Issue:

Featured Photographer: Cheryl Boyer

Featured Writers: Claire Armstrong, Les M. Brown, Thomas Elson,
BD Little, Rosalia Scalia, Jane Shlensky, Susan Snowden, Bob Strother, Joe Taylor, Jubal Tiner, Elizabeth B. Watson

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