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MR-14-1-Front CoverWe live in a world of expectations—those we assume of others and those cast on us. Whether we deny or succumb to the external posits of who we are or should be, we can’t refute their impact, especially when coming from the people closest to us.

This umbrella of expectations touches every story in this issue, as we travel the mindroads of memories, seek earned or undue mercies, and discover mother’s love is as fickle as the changing seasons. Added into the mix are moonShine’s signature morsels of mayhem and, of course, always a little murder.

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Special Thanks to the Contributors for this Issue:

Featured Photographer: Les M. Brown

Featured Writers: Claire Armstrong, Les M. Brown, K.E. Duffin, Kathie Giorgio, BD Little, Kimberly Lynne, Gary V. Powell, Jane Shlensky, Susan Snowden, Allen D. Stevenson, Bob Strother, and Jo Barbara Taylor

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Anne Kaylor
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