HELP Poets & Artists: Donate to Kakalak

Striving to Make Kakalak Diverse, Representative, and Inclusive


Whether you can afford $2 or $12,
your donation will go a long way
toward sponsoring an artist or poet
who cannot afford our submission fee.


I’m guilty, I admit it. Until very recently, I viewed Kakalak as an inclusive representation of artists and poets who speak to the “spirit of the Carolinas.” What I didn’t realize, until someone charged me to take a closer look, is that a significant population is not represented—those artists who truly cannot afford the submission fee, who have no extra money yet absolutely should be allowed the same opportunities to be represented in Kakalak.

I don’t make this request lightly. I understand, as artists, few of us have extra cash to throw around. But if we want this anthology to genuinely embrace inclusion, then we must find ways to allow those who cannot afford the submission fee to still be able to submit.

Is this the best solution? No. But I believe it is the best solution for now. And I’d like to honor each of you who helps by listing your name below in the Donors’ Section.

Please help with whatever you can. And I’ll start by sponsoring the first poet who contacts me in need.


If you cannot afford to submit to Kakalak, please contact me directly by emailing with your contact information and a brief description of why you cannot afford the fee. As funds become available, I will accept submissions from those requesting sponsorship on a first-come-first-served basis. As a reminder, the deadline for submitting to Kakalak 2021 is May 23, 2021.

I believe in honor and honesty, so I sincerely hope anyone who solicits sponsorship sincerely needs it.


Though I already committed to having submission fees and offering prizes for Kakalak 2021, I promise to take a good, hard look at this for next year and what I can change to make Kakalak accessible to all. I will actively seek ways to make Kakalak inclusive, to represent all poetic and artistic voices. I welcome your input with suggestions and plan to send out a survey asking all of you to participate in what the future looks like for Kakalak—whether we continue to offer prizes, how we structure our fees, and even how we can better solicit different populations. YOUR voice matters!

Thank you so much for contributing to Kakalak’s diversity!
Anne M. Kaylor
Kakalak Executive Editor and Publisher


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Lynn Stanton
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