About moonShine’s Editors

Founder, Publisher, and Executive Editor, Anne Kaylor finds herself an eclectic conundrum of conservative and liberal thinking. Her greatest passions in life are her husband, James, her greyhounds and cat, and filling that white expanse of a page with creative words. Her sanity is dependent on writing, on continually deconstructing the world into a personally meaningful place.

Though born in Maine, Anne has spent much of her life in the South—growing up in Rogers, Arkansas—and now lives in Harrisburg, North Carolina. She resonates with her favorite author, Flannery O’Connor, on the dichotomy of being Catholic and Southern and writes from this perspective. Like Flannery, she believes in the importance of grace—that moment in life or story when we realize epiphany.

Between editing and designing other writers’ books for a living, publishing moonShine, judging for Main Street Rag Publishing Company’s annual poetry book contest, and acting as co-editor for Kakalak, Anne still manages to write some poetry and prose. Her own works have appeared in several creative journals, including PearlMain Street Rag, Iodine Poetry Journal, and Kakalak. She has two published collections of poetry: Unwilling to Laugh Alone and Floating a Full Boat, both available through Main Street Rag Publishing Company (http://www.maintstreetrag.com).

James continues to be her biggest fan and absolute support in writing and otherwise—a rarity, she’s been told, among spouses. Beyond editing and writing, Anne’s most fulfilling passion is rescuing those in need, mostly dogs and cats but humans, too.

Anne has an MA in English from UNC-Charlotte and a BA in English and Journalism from Saint Mary-of-the-Woods College, Indiana, where she acquired her first job as Director of External Communications for the Sisters of Providence after graduation. “That was the best job of my life until now,” she says, “Even if I only cleared eight thousand a year.” She still considers her then-boss, Sister Dawn Tomaszewski, her greatest mentor—on writing and life.

Beth PicRaised in a small farming community, North Carolina native Beth Ann Cagle comes from a true mountain backwoods, moonshinin’ heritage, and even serves as Senior Editor of moonShine review, though that’s a totally different kind of “Shine.” Her family swore off Shine runnin’ generations back then went legal with her brother’s WoodMill Winery in Vale, NC, in 2006. Beth writes about many topics, but growing up Southern is one of her favorite inspirations. Even after twenty-plus years living in big-city Charlotte, she reckons she’ll always be a country girl at heart.

In her “spare” time, Beth enjoys being a poet, photographer, and educator. She has served as a college instructor, having taught creative writing, literature, and other English courses at Rowan-Cabarrus Community College in Concord and Cape Fear Community College in Wilmington.

After serving as a newspaper reporter with the Lincoln Times-News in Lincolnton, Beth returned to academia, earning a BA in English and Psychology (1993 and 1994 respectively) and a MA degree in the English Writing Track (2000) from the University of North Carolina at Charlotte. In 1999, she entered the MFA Program in Poetry at the University of North Carolina at Wilmington. Her dream is to complete that mission. But life doesn’t stop when goals get waylaid, and neither has Beth.

In the summer of 2003, Beth’s poetry chapbook, The Fearless Tattoo, won Shadow Poetry’s 2003 Chapbook Competition. Her full-length collection, First Comes Love, was published in 2015 by Main Street Rag Publishing Company. Currently, she is writing two additional poetry collections with the working titles The Family Portrait and Sylvia Plath in First Person.

Her poem “Sacrament to the Artistry of Geisha Gaia” won first place in Shakespeare’s Monkey Revue’s Simian Contest while her poem “Father’s Waning” won first place in Main Street Rag’s Annual Poetry Contest. She has received several additional awards and honors for her writing and photography, including two awards from the North Carolina Poetry Society for her sestinas “Ted and Sylvia Sestina” and “Raised on Music” as well as an honorable mention from the Asheville Writers’ Workshop for “Bottled Moons and Speckled Eggs.”

Beth’s poems and photographs are published in literary journals in the US, UK, and Australia, appearing in Slipstream, Tulane Review, Blue Collar Review, New York Quarterly, The Main Street Rag, Iodine Poetry Journal, among others.

Beth was featured photographer in moonShine review’s fall 2006 issue prior to joining the staff. In fall 2003, she was also honored as featured artist for her photography in the GSU Review. Her photographs have appeared in Palo Alto Review, Maelstrom, The Main Street Rag, Monas Hieroglyphica, Thrift Poetic Arts Journal, and more. She has been featured in photography exhibitions at a Hart Witzen Gallery, Barnes & Noble-Arboretum, and Smelly Cat Coffeehouse in Charlotte, NC.

halifax-jamesA lifelong fan of creative fiction, Associate Editor James Kaylor is the most recent addition to the moonShine staff. Professionally, his career in business consulting and large program management has provided ample opportunity to leverage his natural talent for reviewing and editing a spectrum of written work. After “providing another set of eyes” on several issues of the journal’s submissions, Anne asked him to formally join the staff and become fully involved in the review and selection process for the stories and photography.

James grew up in a small North Carolina town and could not wait to get to college to experience new people and new environments. Though a BS in Economics and Masters in Management from NCSU gave him a tendency to “overthink” his own creative writing, he has honed his ability to both appreciate and assess that of others—and meaningfully contribute to developing the best possible issues of moonShine review.

James shares his love of travel, cats, greyhounds, and the written word with his wife, Anne, and revels in being her biggest supporter. She insists his retirement—in the not-too-distant future—might finally give him time to put some of his own words on the page.

One thought on “About moonShine’s Editors

  1. Bob Strother says:

    It’s rare for simple bio sketches to produce such wonderfully written prose. Kudos to the truly accomplished women of moonShine review. All of you are awesome.

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