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Away from the harshness of daylight, promises are made, bodies come together, words are spoken that can never be taken back—and the creative process thrives.

Debuted in the spring of 2005, moonShine review is more than a journal of creative prose and photography. It is about what speaks to you in the moonlight, and it is about the shadows cast in mind and memory. For only in the darkness do we show all of ourselves.

There is never a theme in advance; what comes to us coalesces into a theme. We find the thread through your words and pictures.

In 2014, we celebrated our ten-year anniversary of publishing this bi-annual creative prose and photography journal.  And each year marks incredible growth, talent, and gratification. We are proud to choose writers who go on to publish their own books and photographers who prosper in the arts communities. We continue to be a venue for new, emerging talent and strive to create a journal that balances talent with a twist—adept and awe-inspiring, peculiar and profound, radical and relentless.  We’re always looking for that twist.

Our staff has 55+ years of experience combined in the fields of writing, editing, designing, and the academic world of creative literature.  And yet we’re quite the crew of misfits to so enjoy taking on “the dark side.”

NOTE: We are not a journal looking for the “shock effect.” After eleven years of reading submissions, I find a need to relay my personal likes and dislikes as the publisher and final say on what gets printed in moonShine. I like a story with a real twist—I don’t like anything bordering on the B movie realm. I don’t mind squirming a little at the psychological horror one human can induce on another, but I don’t tolerate, even in fiction, violence against animals and children. Unless you’re sure your story—and writing talent—is great enough to take me beyond my biases, I suggest you search for another publishing venue. It’ll take a truly great story to change my mind on this measure, and still I advise against trying.

Anne Kaylor—Founder, Publisher, and Executive Editor
Beth Ann Cagle—Senior Editor
James E. Kaylor—Associate Editor

To all who have helped us—contributors and purchasers, friends and family, volunteers, other publishers, and the great writing community at large—we thank you each and every one.

Keep sharing!
Anne M. Kaylor

5 thoughts on “About moonShine review

  1. Thank you, Claire for the introduction. I am quite intrigued to read and see this.

    Thank you again.

    Kind Regards,


  2. Your review sounds both intriguing and exciting, for the shadows in our mind and heart go far to create the most sensitive prose.
    How about poetry? Is haiku something that you will publish as well?

    Very best wishes,

    Maureen Crane Wartski

    • Anne Hicks says:

      moonShine review is a strictly prose journal, though we do accept any type of creative prose for consideration. Sorry, we don’t currently have a poetry journal!
      Thanks for inquiring, though!

  3. Beverly Marcotte says:

    Hello Ms Anne Hicks: I would like to know when your next submission period will be. I submitted a short story to you way back in 2010. You sent me a very encouraging rejection letter with some very good advice. I have learned A LOT since 2010 about writing and editing. It has taken me a while to get back on that particular pony. Nonetheless I have and would like to resubmit in the next round.
    Yours truly,
    Beverly Marcotte

    • Anne Hicks says:

      Hi Beverly,
      We are actually just finishing the fall/winter issue and won’t be reading/judging again until March 1, the deadline for submitting to the spring/summer issue. You can submit any time throughout the year, but we only read during the months following are deadlines of March 1 and September 1. I hope to see a submission from you soon.
      Good luck,
      Anne M. Hicks

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