Next Deadline March 1, 2015!

Hello Fellow Writers,

The deadline for submissions to the next issue of moonShine review is fast approaching.  Please submit your prose pieces by March 1, 2015 to be considered for inclusion in our Spring Issue.

Here are the highlights of our submission guidelines, but PLEASE review our full submission guidelines on this site:

  1. OUR PREFERENCE: Send email submissions to, and put in the BODY of your email name as you want it published, all contact info, and bio.
  2. Snail mail (USPS) submissions should be mailed to MOONShine Press, Attn: Publisher Anne Kaylor, 401 Stonewater Bay Ln, Mount Holly, NC 28120
  3. We accept only UNPUBLISHED works of creative prose—which includes (but is not limited to) short fiction, flash fiction, prose poetry, and creative non-fiction—on any theme, but “the darkness of the human spirit” always trumps.
  4. You may submit up to 4 pieces at one time. Submissions should not exceed 2,700 words in length—2,200 or less preferred, no minimum.
  5. DO NOT PUT YOUR NAME ON THE STORY ITSELF. Include a COVER PAGE with your bio and contact information, including your name, email, phone number, mailing address, and story title(s).  An email address is REQUIRED for us to respond to you.

For more information, you can also check out our page on FACEBOOK—

We’re looking to follow up our anniversary issue with a BANG, so I hope each of you will submit!

Good luck to each of you,

Anne Kaylor
Executive Editor & Publisher

moonShine review anniversary issue available now!

MOONSHINE REVIEW Anniversary Issue,
Volume 10 – ORDER NOW!

MR-Ten-Year-Anniversary Cover-Front

The oddities of the world around us—and the darkness within our minds and hearts—became our journal’s touchstone early on. We’ve published grotesque and wacky, tragedy and comedy, nostalgic and avant garde. And, while never setting a theme, one has always materialized from the work we received. This issue boasts all of the above—not only marking a milestone for length of time in publication, but also for her independent, quirky nature to always remain true to that which speaks to us in the moonlight.

This year we celebrate the many writers and photographers who have called moonShine their first home for publication over these past ten years.  We honor our contributors who have passed from this world but live on through their art.  We applaud the inspiring and supportive artists around us.  And we thank everyone who has ever graced our pages.

ORDER YOUR COPY TODAY!  Just $10.00 plus tax and shipping…

Please click on the following link to order through Paypal:

OR, for single or multiple copies or to pay by check, please inquire directly to

Special Thanks to the following contributors:

Prose Contest Winners:
1st Place Prose Winner– Kimberlyn Blum-Hyclak

2nd Place Prose Winner – Steve Fayer
3rd Place Prose Winner – Claire Iannini
Terresa Haskew, Honorable Mention
Melanie Arrowood Wilcox, Honorable Mention
Sharon Mauldin Reynolds, Honorable Mention

Other Authors Accepted for Publication:
Claire Armstrong, Vicki Collins, Barbara V. Evers, David Harris, Holly Raychelle Hughes, David Jordan, Annie Maier, Connie D. Miller, Richard Allen Taylor

Photography Contest Winners:
Best Cover Photo – Wendy H. Gill

1st Place Overall Best Inside Photo – Chris Durietz
2nd Place Overall Best Inside Photo – Kathleen Pompe
3rd Place Overall Best Inside Photo – Wendy H. Gill
DJ Gaskin, Honorable Mention
Jeanne Julian, Honorable Mention
Kathleen Pompe, Honorable Mention
Terry Butler, Honorable Mention
Wendy H. Gill, Honorable Mention

Clarke Armstrong, Cheryl Boyer, Barbara V. Evers, Bill Griffin,

Steve Lautermilch, Carlos Pelay, Nick Romeo, Erin Ryan,
Wesley Satterwhite, Sharon A. Sharp, Clare Willey

Please visit our submission guidelines on this site before submitting for future issues.

Thank you all for making this publication a reality!

Anne Kaylor
Executive Editor and Publisher

moonShine review WINNERS announced!

Congratulations to the winners of moonShine review’s 2015 Prose and Photography Contest to celebrate the ten-year anniversary of our journal!

With 50+ prose pieces submitted, and more than 250 photographs for the cover and overall best inside photo contests, our judges had some tough choices, and I give them my utmost respect and admiration for how well they chose.  Now, for the winners…


1st Place – Kimberlyn Blum-Hyclak, of Lancaster, SC, for
Beginning and Ending in Toledo

2nd Place – Steve Fayer, of Boston, MA, for
In Bed With Phantom Priests

3rd Place – Claire Iannini, of Fort Mill, SC, for The Koi Pond


Terresa Haskew, of Greenville, SC, for Degrees

Melanie Arrowood Wilcox, of Graham, NC, for Tornado at the River

Sharon Mauldin Reynolds, of Lexington, KY, for Widowmaker


Claire Armstrong, Vicki Collins, Barbara V. Evers, David Harris, Holly Raychelle Hughes, David Jordan, Annie Maier, Connie D. Miller, Richard Allen Taylor





1st Place – Chris Durietz, of Honolulu, HI, for Night Lilies

2nd Place – Kathleen Pompe, of Seabrook Island, SC, for
Shadow of the Vine

3rd Place – Wendy H. Gill, of Matthews, NC, for The Deeper You Go


DJ Gaskin, of Springfield, VA, for Accountable Bridge

Jeanne Julian, of New Bern, NC, for Ladder, Sky City, Acoma

Kathleen Pompe, of Seabrook Island, SC, for Ice Storm Droplets

Terry Butler, Greenville, SC, for Guitar Handz

Wendy H. Gill, of Matthews, NC, for J Heart A



Grand Prize – Wendy H. Gill, of Matthews, NC, for Shore Ice


Jeanne Julian, of New Bern, NC, for Field, California

Kathleen Pompe, of Seabrook Island, SC, for Ice Storm

Nick Romeo, of Pittsburgh, PA, for Floating Agenda


Clarke Armstrong, Cheryl Boyer, Barbara V. Evers, Bill Griffin,
Steve Lautermilch, Carlos Pelay, Nick Romeo, Erin Ryan,
Wesley Satterwhite, Sharon A. Sharp, Clare Willey


And a big thank you to EVERYONE who entered our contests.  We greatly appreciate your support and encourage you to keep submitting—and check back for further announcements coming soon!

Best to all,

Anne Kaylor
Executive Editor and Publisher, moonShine review

Please Read: Submissions to moonShine review OFFICIALLY CLOSED

As of midnight last night, moonShine review’s Anniversary Issue Contest officially closed.  We are still awaiting anything postmarked as of yesterday, but are happy to announce we already have a RECORD number of entries for prose and, especially, photography!

Thank you all who submitted—your response is overwhelming!  And, for those of you who haven’t yet, you should check out the details on your contest judges.  Just click on the tab at the left called “A to Z: Judges for 10-Year Anniversary Issue.”

Given how many entries we received and the possibility of emails not always coming through, we want to be absolutely certain we have received and recorded all entries into the contest.  If YOU submitted to any of the contests, you WILL receive a confirmation email this week stating so.  If you submitted by the deadline but do NOT
receive a confirmation email by Thursday, please email immediately, and we will research your entry and make sure your submission is valid.

We wish all of you the Best of Luck!


Anne Kaylor
Executive Editor & Publisher, moonShine review

moonShine Submissions Deadline: MONDAY, July 14th…

So much for looking at the DAY July 13th falls on before setting our deadline!  ;-)  Since it’s hardly fair to set a deadline for a Sunday (and say all entries must be postmarked by the deadline), we’ve extended our contest ONE MORE DAY.

That means that all submissions—photography, prose, via email or snail mail—received by midnight on Monday, July 14th, will be considered for this upcoming issue.  In addition, if you email the publisher (that’s me at with your submissions before July 14th with the promise that “the check is in the mail” we will honor those submissions, even if the check arrives after July 14th.

Honestly, folks, we need a bigger turnout, since we want to make this a super-sized issue!  Surely, many of you have a few photos or a couple of prose pieces sitting in that “to be submitted” pile (perhaps waiting on yet one more round of tweaking but actually it’s time to let them go).

We are running three (3) contests:

  • Best Overall Prose Piece—Cash Prize of $50
  • Best Cover Photo—Cash Prize of $25
  • Best Overall Inside Photo—Cash Prize of $50

Winners and Honorable Mentions will each receive two complimentary copies of this Anniversary Issue PLUS a complimentary copy of our 5-Year Anniversary Issue.  Who knows?  The set may be worth much more someday, and you receive them FREE!

To help you out, I am reposting all of the (fine-tuned) guidelines right here.  EVERYONE should read the general guidelines, then the specific guidelines that apply to your particular submission!


  • All entries due (postmarked) by July 14, 2014.
  • The entry fee is $5.00 PER CONTEST.
  • If using USPS, mail to:
    c/o Anne Kaylor
    401 Stonewater Bay Lane
    Mount Holly, NC 28120
  • If emailing, submit to: AND
    send payment to above address AND
    make checks payable to Anne Hicks AND
    include in body of email contact information
    (Name you wish published, Mailing Address, Phone, Email Address)


  • For the entry fee of $5.00, you can enter up to two pieces of prose, each a maximum of 2,500 words.
  • Include a cover letter with contact information and the titles of the pieces in your email and/or postal mail.
  • Do NOT put your name anywhere on the piece itself.
  • DO include the title of the story on every page and number the pages.


  • For the entry fee of $5.00, you can enter up to eight (8) photographs for the Cover Contest.
  • For an additional/separate entry fee of $5.00, you can enter up to twelve (12) photographs for the Overall Best Inside Photo Contest.
  • Photos submitted for INSIDE must be a minimum of 300 dpi and
    4″ x 6″ in size (vertical photos preferred).
  • Photos submitted for COVER must be at least 300 dpi and
    11″ x 8.5 ” in size (horizontal ONLY because your photo will wrap from front to back on the cover).
  • Submit high-resolution JPEGs.
  • Submit photos via email to in zip files of no more than 10 megs each.  Designate in body of email which contest you are entering and how many emails you are sending (i.e., Email 1 of 5 for Cover Photo Contest OR Email 1 of 3 for Inside Photo Contest).

You have the WHOLE WEEKEND to submit, so please consider being part of this special 10-Year Anniversary Edition!

Good Luck to You All!

Anne (Hicks) Kaylor
Executive Editor and Publisher, moonShine review

P.S. Yes, I got married, but still in process of changing my name, so I reiterate to PLEASE make checks payable to “ANNE HICKS.”

moonShine’s Photography Contest: Guidelines Clarification

We’ve discovered, through additional feedback, that the guidelines for the photography portion of our contest are unclear.  And photographers are having trouble limiting their entries.  So, let’s try again:

Photography Submission Guidelines for moonShine review’s 10-Year Special Anniversary Edition:

  • All entries due by July 13th, 2014.
  • For the entry fee of $5.00, you may enter up to twelve (12) photographs to be considered for the cover and insides.


  • For the entry fee of $5.00, you may enter up to eight (8) photographs strictly to be considered for the cover, AND
  • For an additional entry fee of $5.00, you may enter up to twelve (12) photographs to be considered for the inside.


  • Photos for consideration inside must be a minimum of 300 dpi and 4″ x 6″ in size (vertical photos preferred).
  • Photos submitted for cover consideration must be at least 300 dpi and 11″ x 8.5 ” in size (landscape ONLY).
  • Submit high-resolution JPEGs.
  • If submitting via postal mail, send photos on a PC-formatted CD/DVD to:

c/o Anne Kaylor
401 Stonewater Bay Lane
Mount Holly, NC 28120

  • If submitting via email, send inquiry FIRST to as to best method for file transfer, and send check separately to above address.
  • Please make checks payable to Anne Hicks (in process of changing name ;-)).

Thanks and Best of Luck to You All!

Anne Kaylor & Beth Ann Cagle
Editors, moonShine review

Announcing moonShine’s Contest Judges and Last Call…

Just a reminder, the deadline for moonShine review submissions has been extended to July 13th, so last call to send your submissions!  AND we have updated our guidelines, so please check out the post below this one!

Meanwhile, we have chosen your contest judges and want you to know just how and who.  We put a lot of thought into choosing these judges for this special issue, and we kept coming back to the same ideas:

  • They had to be experienced writers or photographers.
  • They must have experience as editors or judges.
  • Most importantly, they had to have a special and long-term knowledge of moonShine review.

That said, we are proud to announce your Contest Judges for the anniversary issue:


  • BOB STROTHER, of Greenville, SC, is not only a long-time contributor to our journal, but also a multi-published author in his own right.  Scattered, Smothered, and Covered and Shug’s Place are just two of several books he has written.  And, as a member of the South Carolina Writers Workshop, Bob has had much experience in giving feedback.  Bob’s quirky, often dark, stories have brought him a fan base of which even he doesn’t understand the full repercussions.
  • JULIE ANN COOK, of Rock Hill, SC, first appeared in moonShine in our second issue 10 years ago.  That’s when we realized prose poetry could translate well to our journal.  Since, she’s had two books of poetry published: Lemonade & Rumors and Love Like Weeds.  In addition, Julie has become a part of our staff as “Web and Facebook Guru”—she volunteers her time whenever/wherever needed to make us look better and “put the word out.”  (What you see on Facebook is ALL her!)


  • LISA ELLIS, of Oakdale, CA, honored us by being our featured photographer in the first issue of moonShine review, and her photography also appeared in our 5-Year Anniversary issue.  Over the years, Lisa has perfected her skills and even provided her services at Anne’s wedding (and others).  Her technical talent is obvious, but Lisa’s biggest gift is her true eye for those unique and special moments.
  • JULIE ANN COOK, of Rock Hill, SC, was a featured photographer in the spring 2005 issue of moonShine.  As well as photography and writing, her talented roles include visual artist and graphic designer.  Her unusual and inspired perspective on photography comes, in large part, from her view on love and family.

We wish to stress that submissions will be absolutely anonymous to the judges, and they will base their choices solely on the merit of each piece.  Please, for prose submissions, remember that the best way to showcase your talent is to format your text as Times New Roman, 12 point, double spaced.  The more generic the formatting, the more you can be judged on your content.

Best of Luck to Each and Every One of You!

Anne Kaylor and Beth Ann Cagle