Check Out Our Contributors

This area of our website promotes past and present contributors who advertise in moonShine. If YOU have a new publication, a photography show, or wish to promote your services, consider advertising through moonShine review.

  1. Advertise in our printed publication. Check out our separate page “YOUR AD HERE” (tab found at left on this site) for information on deadlines, ad sizes, and associated costs.
  2. Email us. With your printed ad, you’ll also be posted in this section on our website and promoted through Facebook. Send us information on your new book release or photography show, or whatever news you want to reach more people. Check out the authors listed here for ideas on what information to provide.
  3. Visit our website often, and visit our Facebook page. Check out or visit moonShine review on Facebook. Feel free to post a notice about your work—and please include your relationship with moonShine review when you do!
  4. Keep us in the loop on your current contact info. We consistently send out notices to past contributors regarding upcoming events, new issues, and advertising opportunities. But many of you haven’t visited us in a while, so we don’t have your current emails!

Whatever you decide to do, let us know. Everyone who has been published in our journal is important to us, and we want to let others know what’s going on with our creative artists. We consider you family, after all—the moonShine family.

We wish you the best and inspiration, always!

Anne Kaylor