Theme for next moonShine review: Politics (whatever THAT means…)

For 15 years, I have held fast to the idea that moonShine review would not have a set theme in advance. Yet the stories and photography submitted always set a theme anyway. So, I’m more than a touch surprised we haven’t had an issue these past four years that focused on politics in some manner.

Since I like to mix it up any time a moonShine anniversary comes around, we’re breaking the rules (just this once) and inviting folks to submit stories about “politics.” But what definition of politics or kind of politics is completely up to you. If you visit the dictionary, you’ll find an array of possible meanings. My favorite definition appears pretty far down the list: “use of intrigue or strategy in obtaining any position of power or control, as in business, university, etc.” I can imagine a piece about the politics of hummingbirds as easily as one focused on government. And, given the current political climate of our nation, I’m guessing opinions will run the gambit and likely be both spirited and contentious. Good. That’s what we want.

Above all, we want your creativity and talent, so think beyond political treatises, please. Aristotle already covered it.

As always, we accept creative prose, fiction and nonfiction. And, as with other anniversary issues, we will feature more than one photographer, so we invite all past photographers, as well as new, to submit. Specific guidelines for submitting remain the same, so please visit our Submission Guidelines page on our website before sending your work. (Photography Exception: You should submit no more than 20 photographs.)

Feel free to direct questions to (after you’ve read through our guidelines).

The deadline for submitting is extended to September 30th, so get going!

Keep writing, keep sharing,
Anne Kaylor
Executive Editor & Publisher

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