moonShine review’s Fall/Winter Issue NOW Available!

MR-13-2-Cover FrontFrom family gatherings to funerals, midnight drivers to bitter memories, many of the characters run amuck in this issue of moonShine—plotting, scheming, and cheating to get what they want. Murder and mayhem parade the main streets of these stories. Even when the danger isn’t life threatening, the tension lacerates our sensibilities.

Within the theme of peril, we find two essential camps. In one, the protagonist regrets his or her choices and seeks to make things right. In the other, we have the antagonist who rejoices in choices made, exacting revenge with a generous dose of glee. Both give the reader plenty to contemplate as we’re challenged to take a closer look at ourselves.

Ordering Information:

Order your copy on this website and receive a discount off the cover price—$7.00 plus tax & shipping. Click HERE to order through PayPal today!

NOTE: To order multiple copies, please email me directly at

Orders will ship the first week of December.


Special Thanks to the Contributors for this Issue:

Featured Photographer: Rob Urban

Featured Writers: Claire Armstrong, Jay Carson, K.E. Duffin,
Terresa Cooper Haskew, L J Hippler, Vivian Lawry, Grace C. Ocasio, Carlos E. Pelay, Allen D. Stevenson, Wanda L. Stover, Bob Strother, and Jo Barbara Taylor

Thank you for your support!
Anne Kaylor
Executive Editor & Publisher


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