moonShine submissions time!

Time to pull out those stories—whether from the file cabinet or the inner workings of your mind—and send them to moonShine review! The next deadline, September 15th, is right around the corner, so don’t delay. We accept creative prose (fiction and nonfiction) of 3,000 words or less—and look more favorably at pieces 2,500 words or less. Be sure to check out our submissions guidelines for all of our requirements at

We had an incredible issue last time because we had so many great submissions! So, gather those stories and send them our way today!

Anne Kaylor & Beth Ann Cagle


One thought on “moonShine submissions time!

  1. Bob Strother says:

    Hi Anne,

    Since I’ve been working on the novel, I haven’t written any new short stories. However, according to my notes, you’re holding two for future consideration: Good Girl and Notes from the Midnight Driver.

    Hope you and James are enjoying your weekend trip.

    Best to you,


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