moonShine review’s Spring/Summer Issue releases this week!

MR-13-1-Front Cover for WebI never veer if a black cat walks in front of me. I open my umbrella before going outside. If the best path is under a ladder, then that’s my route. And thirteen is my lucky number.

Luck. Some got it good; some got it bad. Reading this issue of moonShine (which marks our thirteenth year as a publication), we could opine these folks make their own luck, mostly with disastrous results—but, oh, how fun it is to watch the disasters unfold.

Funny, what we accept in fiction can be a far cry from our notions about acceptable behavior in reality. I’d be appalled to discover my priest had sexual urges yet find it quite amusing herein. I recoil when the news reports a murder but feel a gleeful satisfaction in the demise of some of these characters. I find myself rooting for the underdog, the antihero who renounces the role of victim and enacts “justice” on the villain…

Special Thanks to the Contributors for this Issue:

Featured Photographer: Chad Weeden

Featured Writers: Claire Armstrong, M. Scott Douglass, Esther Whitman Johnson, Tom Larsen, BD Little, Kathryn Etters Lovatt, Wanda L. Stover, Bob Strother, Lisa Underwood, Elizabeth B. Watson, and Nancy Young

Ordering Information:

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NOTE: To order multiple copies, please email me directly at

Thank you for your support!
Anne Kaylor
Executive Editor & Publisher


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