Announcing Contributors for moonShine’s Spring/Summer Issue

After receiving a copious cache of submissions and meticulously wading through all, we have made our decisions as to who and what will appear in the next issue of moonShine review. Thank you to ALL who submitted, and I certainly hope to see you do so in the future, whether your work made it in this time or not.

Congratulations to the following contributors for the Spring/Summer 2017 issue:

Featured Photographer: Chad Weeden

Authors: Claire Armstrong, M. Scott Douglass,
Esther Whitman Johnson, Tom Larsen, BD Little,
Kathryn Etters Lovatt, Wanda L. Stover, Bob Strother,
Lisa Underwood, Elizabeth B. Watson, and Nancy Young

Pre-ordering information for the next issue will be up in the next few days, so check back with us soon and snag your copy at a discount!

Keep writing and keep sharing,
Anne Kaylor
Executive Editor and Publisher


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