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moonShine review volume 11, issue 1MOONSHINE REVIEW,
Volume 11, Issue 1 –

Our lives are filled with stress, with conflict, with trials small and large that suffocate happiness and breathe anxiety. The weight of the world takes its toll on us all. Still, I’ve discovered so many who rise every day and find—or, at least, are determined to find—a means to let it go and start again.

The stories herein cover the gambit of how tension plays a part in life—from sexual angst to emotional uproar, from physical peril to mental mishap. And it highlights how we release such tension—through humor or hope, anger or apathy. Some characters are subtle in their escape; others travel to the surreal. They all either find freedom or flounder in their own faults.

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Special Thanks to the following contributors:

Featured Photographer: Jeanne Julian

Featured Writers: Cheryl Boyer, Beverly Marcotte Carter, Julie Ann Cook, Holly Day, Claire Iannini, David M. Jordan, Gary V. Powell, Lisa Rubenson, Frank Scozzari, Bob Strother, Peggy Wolf, Nancy Young

Please visit our submission guidelines on this site before submitting for future issues.

Thank you all for making this publication a reality!

Anne Kaylor
Executive Editor and Publisher


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