moonShine review anniversary issue available now!

MOONSHINE REVIEW Anniversary Issue,
Volume 10 – ORDER NOW!

MR-Ten-Year-Anniversary Cover-Front

The oddities of the world around us—and the darkness within our minds and hearts—became our journal’s touchstone early on. We’ve published grotesque and wacky, tragedy and comedy, nostalgic and avant garde. And, while never setting a theme, one has always materialized from the work we received. This issue boasts all of the above—not only marking a milestone for length of time in publication, but also for her independent, quirky nature to always remain true to that which speaks to us in the moonlight.

This year we celebrate the many writers and photographers who have called moonShine their first home for publication over these past ten years.  We honor our contributors who have passed from this world but live on through their art.  We applaud the inspiring and supportive artists around us.  And we thank everyone who has ever graced our pages.

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Special Thanks to the following contributors:

Prose Contest Winners:
1st Place Prose Winner– Kimberlyn Blum-Hyclak

2nd Place Prose Winner – Steve Fayer
3rd Place Prose Winner – Claire Iannini
Terresa Haskew, Honorable Mention
Melanie Arrowood Wilcox, Honorable Mention
Sharon Mauldin Reynolds, Honorable Mention

Other Authors Accepted for Publication:
Claire Armstrong, Vicki Collins, Barbara V. Evers, David Harris, Holly Raychelle Hughes, David Jordan, Annie Maier, Connie D. Miller, Richard Allen Taylor

Photography Contest Winners:
Best Cover Photo – Wendy H. Gill

1st Place Overall Best Inside Photo – Chris Durietz
2nd Place Overall Best Inside Photo – Kathleen Pompe
3rd Place Overall Best Inside Photo – Wendy H. Gill
DJ Gaskin, Honorable Mention
Jeanne Julian, Honorable Mention
Kathleen Pompe, Honorable Mention
Terry Butler, Honorable Mention
Wendy H. Gill, Honorable Mention

Clarke Armstrong, Cheryl Boyer, Barbara V. Evers, Bill Griffin,

Steve Lautermilch, Carlos Pelay, Nick Romeo, Erin Ryan,
Wesley Satterwhite, Sharon A. Sharp, Clare Willey

Please visit our submission guidelines on this site before submitting for future issues.

Thank you all for making this publication a reality!

Anne Kaylor
Executive Editor and Publisher


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