moonShine Submissions Deadline: MONDAY, July 14th…

So much for looking at the DAY July 13th falls on before setting our deadline!  😉  Since it’s hardly fair to set a deadline for a Sunday (and say all entries must be postmarked by the deadline), we’ve extended our contest ONE MORE DAY.

That means that all submissions—photography, prose, via email or snail mail—received by midnight on Monday, July 14th, will be considered for this upcoming issue.  In addition, if you email the publisher (that’s me at with your submissions before July 14th with the promise that “the check is in the mail” we will honor those submissions, even if the check arrives after July 14th.

Honestly, folks, we need a bigger turnout, since we want to make this a super-sized issue!  Surely, many of you have a few photos or a couple of prose pieces sitting in that “to be submitted” pile (perhaps waiting on yet one more round of tweaking but actually it’s time to let them go).

We are running three (3) contests:

  • Best Overall Prose Piece—Cash Prize of $50
  • Best Cover Photo—Cash Prize of $25
  • Best Overall Inside Photo—Cash Prize of $50

Winners and Honorable Mentions will each receive two complimentary copies of this Anniversary Issue PLUS a complimentary copy of our 5-Year Anniversary Issue.  Who knows?  The set may be worth much more someday, and you receive them FREE!

To help you out, I am reposting all of the (fine-tuned) guidelines right here.  EVERYONE should read the general guidelines, then the specific guidelines that apply to your particular submission!


  • All entries due (postmarked) by July 14, 2014.
  • The entry fee is $5.00 PER CONTEST.
  • If using USPS, mail to:
    c/o Anne Kaylor
    401 Stonewater Bay Lane
    Mount Holly, NC 28120
  • If emailing, submit to: AND
    send payment to above address AND
    make checks payable to Anne Hicks AND
    include in body of email contact information
    (Name you wish published, Mailing Address, Phone, Email Address)


  • For the entry fee of $5.00, you can enter up to two pieces of prose, each a maximum of 2,500 words.
  • Include a cover letter with contact information and the titles of the pieces in your email and/or postal mail.
  • Do NOT put your name anywhere on the piece itself.
  • DO include the title of the story on every page and number the pages.


  • For the entry fee of $5.00, you can enter up to eight (8) photographs for the Cover Contest.
  • For an additional/separate entry fee of $5.00, you can enter up to twelve (12) photographs for the Overall Best Inside Photo Contest.
  • Photos submitted for INSIDE must be a minimum of 300 dpi and
    4″ x 6″ in size (vertical photos preferred).
  • Photos submitted for COVER must be at least 300 dpi and
    11″ x 8.5 ” in size (horizontal ONLY because your photo will wrap from front to back on the cover).
  • Submit high-resolution JPEGs.
  • Submit photos via email to in zip files of no more than 10 megs each.  Designate in body of email which contest you are entering and how many emails you are sending (i.e., Email 1 of 5 for Cover Photo Contest OR Email 1 of 3 for Inside Photo Contest).

You have the WHOLE WEEKEND to submit, so please consider being part of this special 10-Year Anniversary Edition!

Good Luck to You All!

Anne (Hicks) Kaylor
Executive Editor and Publisher, moonShine review

P.S. Yes, I got married, but still in process of changing my name, so I reiterate to PLEASE make checks payable to “ANNE HICKS.”


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