Announcing moonShine’s Contest Judges and Last Call…

Just a reminder, the deadline for moonShine review submissions has been extended to July 13th, so last call to send your submissions!  AND we have updated our guidelines, so please check out the post below this one!

Meanwhile, we have chosen your contest judges and want you to know just how and who.  We put a lot of thought into choosing these judges for this special issue, and we kept coming back to the same ideas:

  • They had to be experienced writers or photographers.
  • They must have experience as editors or judges.
  • Most importantly, they had to have a special and long-term knowledge of moonShine review.

That said, we are proud to announce your Contest Judges for the anniversary issue:


  • BOB STROTHER, of Greenville, SC, is not only a long-time contributor to our journal, but also a multi-published author in his own right.  Scattered, Smothered, and Covered and Shug’s Place are just two of several books he has written.  And, as a member of the South Carolina Writers Workshop, Bob has had much experience in giving feedback.  Bob’s quirky, often dark, stories have brought him a fan base of which even he doesn’t understand the full repercussions.
  • JULIE ANN COOK, of Rock Hill, SC, first appeared in moonShine in our second issue 10 years ago.  That’s when we realized prose poetry could translate well to our journal.  Since, she’s had two books of poetry published: Lemonade & Rumors and Love Like Weeds.  In addition, Julie has become a part of our staff as “Web and Facebook Guru”—she volunteers her time whenever/wherever needed to make us look better and “put the word out.”  (What you see on Facebook is ALL her!)


  • LISA ELLIS, of Oakdale, CA, honored us by being our featured photographer in the first issue of moonShine review, and her photography also appeared in our 5-Year Anniversary issue.  Over the years, Lisa has perfected her skills and even provided her services at Anne’s wedding (and others).  Her technical talent is obvious, but Lisa’s biggest gift is her true eye for those unique and special moments.
  • JULIE ANN COOK, of Rock Hill, SC, was a featured photographer in the spring 2005 issue of moonShine.  As well as photography and writing, her talented roles include visual artist and graphic designer.  Her unusual and inspired perspective on photography comes, in large part, from her view on love and family.

We wish to stress that submissions will be absolutely anonymous to the judges, and they will base their choices solely on the merit of each piece.  Please, for prose submissions, remember that the best way to showcase your talent is to format your text as Times New Roman, 12 point, double spaced.  The more generic the formatting, the more you can be judged on your content.

Best of Luck to Each and Every One of You!

Anne Kaylor and Beth Ann Cagle


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