Reminder: moonShine review is holding a contest this year!

Hello everyone,

It is great that so many wish to submit to our journal, especially this year, with our 10-year anniversary.  I do wish to remind everyone that we are holding a contest this summer, with entry fees.  In order not to repeat all, please see the last post for all submission guidelines regarding the contest and submitting for 2014 to moonShine review.

I have to ask, at this point, that you please hold ANY and ALL submissions not specifically for the contest until next year (any time after January 1). Between the contest and other submissions, I fear we may lose track of an entry – and even one is not acceptable.

Please know how much we appreciate your submissions and following our guidelines – even the special ones!

With thanks,

Anne (Hicks) Kaylor, Executive Editor and Publisher

P.S.  Did I mention I got married early this month?  It was a fabulous celebration, and now all of us have to get use to my new last name – soon, I won’t be adding the “Hicks” to anything.  😉


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