New Book Release: moonShine review

Volume 9, Issue 2 NOW AVAILABLE!

As the cold sets in and winter looms before us, I feel solitude creep into my soul. So, it is not surprising to find isolation the predominant theme for this issue of moonShine review.

The characters this time deal with this theme differently: some speak with comedic parody, some see through elected alienation, others taste paralyzing fear. A choice few touch the core and move toward freedom. All struggle with feelings of confinement, detachment, concealment, and reclusion—whether self-imposed or due to outside forces.

Special Thanks to the following contributors:

Claire Armstrong, Carolyn Light Bell, Teresa Tumminello Brader, Susannah S. Cecil, Barbara V. Evers, Lynne T. Pickett, Gary V. Powell, Spencer R. Rackley, Bob Strother, Richard Allen Taylor, Elizabeth B. Watson, and Featured Photographer, Leslie M. Rupracht

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Please visit our submission guidelines on this site before submitting for future issues.

Thank you all for making this publication a reality!

Anne Hicks
Executive Editor and Publisher


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