We love you and want to publish you!

(Photographers, please note this post is about the writers submitting.)

I appreciate the many submissions received for each issue of moonShine review. I am here as an independent publisher to give voice to independent writers who are trying to have their first (or third, or tenth) unpublished work out there for the world to read.

But, sometimes, I feel the need to send folks BACK to the submission guidelines page (perhaps because some submissions don’t meet any of the guidelines we’ve set in place).

Please read our guidelines before submitting:

If you really cannot click the mouse and read the guidelines, then please, at least, meet my top 4 requirements:

(1) Do NOT put your name anywhere on the piece itself—we judge anonymously.

(2) IN THE BODY OF THE email, include ALL your contact info (mailing address, email, phone).

(3) Your bio needs to be 50 words or less and written in the THIRD PERSON.

(4) FOLLOW the formatting guidelines listed on our “submissions guidelines” page. (Sending you to the link anyway!)

My #1 advice when submitting? Read our “About moonShine review” page. It answers common questions, such as “What theme do you have this time?” or “What is your journal about”

Thank you all for your continued support, and I really do value your input. If the guidelines are, in any way, unclear, please email me directly and let me know: moonshine@carolina.rr.com.  I am ALWAYS open to feedback and improvement of our journal and our website.

Anne Kaylor
Executive Editor and Publisher

One thought on “We love you and want to publish you!

  1. Jen says:

    I really like this post but I think you shouldn’t spend your time on fixing submissions that don’t meet the guidelines. Why have guidelines at all then? If there is no punishment for not following them, then there is no incentive to so. I assume you have enough submissions that if you took away those that don’t follow the guideline, you would still have more than enough to fill your journals with great writing. There are two sides of writing – the writing, which is the hard part, and the busy-work side, which is getting pieces ready for submission and that means following each journal’s guidelines. If you make it clear that you will not consider any submission that doesn’t follow the guidelines, it will free you up to spend more time reviewing the work of writer’s who respect you and your time. If you stick to this, you will see fewer errant submissions over time. You can email those that didn’t follow the guidelines that you’d be happy to consider their work if they resubmit according to the guidelines. This should take considerably less time than fixing their submissions. Writers should be held accountable for both sides of the business and you shouldn’t waste your time on those that don’t. My two cents.

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