moonShine Latest Issue NOW AVAILABLE!


#16 coverAs the sun sets on this issue of moonShine review, I see a glorious richness of colors blending on the horizon—a typical and fitting November skyline, especially considering the content herein.

Initially, these stories appear to be painted in vivid diversity. Broad strokes mark the transitions from one piece to the next as we move from avant silhouettes of loneliness to abstract portraits of familial love. We are tinted by faith and shaded through desire, etched in fire and brushed with tragedy.

But, together, the authors have drawn one canvas of thought: how we are connected in life to one another and the importance of choice—whether we choose or someone else chooses for us. We all live in fear and hope, amidst adversity and love, and the characters portrayed here know this intimately.

Special Thanks to the following contributors:

Dede Norungolo, featured photographer

Authors: Terry Barr, Vicki Collins, Steve Cushman, Steve Fayer, Karen Luke Jackson, Sandra Redding, Carol Roan, Peg Steiner, Bob Strother, Richard Allen Taylor, Margo Williams, Tamra Wilson, Douglas Wyant

The cost is $8.00 plus shipping & handling.  Please click on the following link to order through Paypal:

OR, for single or multiple copies or to pay by check, please inquire directly to

Please visit our submission guidelines on this site before submitting for future issues.

Thank you all for making this publication a reality!

Anne Hicks, Executive Editor and Publisher

Beth A. Cagle, Senior Editor

Leslie M. Rupracht, Associate Editor


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