New Book Release: moonShine review

Volume 7, Issue 2 NOW AVAILABLE!

Family is a complicated word. And, I confess, the most conflicted topic I can conceive.  So, when the stories came together this time and coalesced into an issue about family, I wasn’t surprised. The other editors confirmed what I saw—this is one of the most honest collections of stories we’ve ever had.

Whether repugnant, tragic, or just plain quirky, these characters speak openly of what family means. Generally, it has little to do with unconditional love. Sometimes, they express kindness in the way it’s meant; sometimes, they show the worst side of life. Often, these protagonists are laugh-out-loud funny, even when dark.

Through these stories, we are pushed to look beyond birthright to see not only what our parents made us, but also that we are so much more.  If we’re lucky, we develop the wisdom to expand our definition of family to include friends and partners—siblings beyond blood, siblings of mutual experience and understanding.

Special Thanks to the following contributors:

Terry Barr
Doris Thomas Browder
Vicki Collins
Julie Ann Cook
Toye Eskridge
Owen Harper
Holly Raychelle Hughes
Kathryn Etters Lovatt
Steve Mitchell
Jendi Reiter
Bob Strother
Elizabeth B. Watson
Myra Yeatts
and Featured Photographer, Lu G. Collazo

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Please visit our submission guidelines on this site before submitting for future issues.

Thank you all for making this publication a reality!

Anne Hicks
Executive Editor and Publisher

Beth Cagle Burt
Senior Editor

Claire Armstrong
Fiction Editor and Marketing Agent

Leslie M. Rupracht
Fiction & Photography Editor


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