New Book Release: moonShine review

Volume 7, Issue 1 NOW AVAILABLE!

We all seek magic in life—those allusive yet elusive moments when a miracle takes place and the wisdom to recognize it hits us in a euphoric blast; in that moment, we recognize the miraculous and revel in it.

Whether the characters within these pages achieve such connections or merely brush past them, readers are given the option to fully view that which, in the everyday, so easily escapes us.

The stories in this issue provide a canvas of juxtaposition: perceptions run the gamut from jaded to innocent, from honest grief to petty blustering. Still, concurrent themes emerge to give us a difficult to digest yet simple message: that tragedy and death are inevitable—the choice lies in how we respond—and that, even at our worst, we are capable of defying the easy way out and making true change to ourselves.

Special Thanks to the following contributors:
Peter Tieryas Liu
David Jordan
Richard Allen Taylor
Maureen Ryan Griffin
Holly Raychelle Hughes
Bob Strother
Ed R. Green
Kimberlyn Blum-Hyclak
Lisa Rubenson
Gary V. Powell
Jason Newport
And Featured Photographer Jessie Carty

The cost is $8.00 plus shipping & handling.  Please click on the following link to order through Paypal:

OR, for single or multiple copies or to pay by check, please inquire directly to

Please visit our submission guidelines on this site before submitting for future issues.

Thank you all for making this publication a reality!

Anne Hicks
Executive Editor and Publisher

Beth Cagle Burt
Senior Editor

Leslie M. Rupracht
Fiction & Photography Editor

Claire Armstrong
Fiction Editor and Marketing Agent


2 thoughts on “New Book Release: moonShine review

  1. jessiecarty says:

    SO thrilled to be in such great company!

  2. […] do want to mention two literary magazines I finished over the weekend: The Laurel Review and moonShine Review. I really loved the fiction in this particular issue of The Laurel Review although I did find a […]

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