moonShine review: NEW RELEASE

Volume 6, Issue 2 NOW AVAILABLE!

The eyes have it, literally and metaphorically. From cover to cover, this issue displays the art of “seeing.” Separately, these stories and pictures depict all manner of storytelling, from the grotesque to the fanciful. Together, they blend to create a shrewd perspective of the complicated world in which we live, highlighting the virtuous and aberrant aspects of that world.

Special Thanks to the following contributors:
Billie Bierer
Susan M. Boyer
Jessie Carty
Peg Daniels
Kate V.M. Ferguson
Gary V. Powell
Tom Quinn
S. Craig Renfroe Jr.
Susan Snowden
Bob Strother
Charlotte Wolf
and Featured Photographer Clarke Armstrong

 The cost is $8.00 plus shipping & handling.  Please click on the following link to order through Paypal:

OR, for single or multiple copies or to pay by check, please inquire directly to

Please visit our submission guidelines on this site before submitting for future issues. 

Thank you all for making this publication a reality!

Anne Hicks
Executive Editor and Publisher

Beth Cagle Burt
Senior Editor

Leslie M. Rupracht
Fiction & Photography Editor

Claire Armstrong
Fiction Editor and Marketing Agent


4 thoughts on “moonShine review: NEW RELEASE

  1. Couldn’t be more pleased to see this issue published! Great job as always, Anne!

  2. jessiecarty says:

    Thrilled to be in this new issue! And love the new blog site 🙂

  3. […] other questions. I have only published a few fiction items, including my first print publication in Moonshine Review but I don’t feel, in anyway, that I’m an expert on writing prose. I’d actually […]

  4. […] (in my evenings…..) to finally finish some books I had in progress including: an issue of moonShine review where my first print fiction publication appeared (gorgeous journal inside and out), Selected Poems […]

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