Next Deadline: March 15th

We’re now accepting submissions of creative fiction and nonfiction prose for the Spring/Summer issue of moonShine review. Please note our deadline is March 15th.

There is NO theme set for the upcoming issue. We just ask that you read the submissions guidelines tab on this website for our submission preferences.

And it never hurts to read out “About moonShine” page, too!

If, after reading the submissions guidelines, you still have questions, feel free to email me at

Thank you all in advance!
Anne Kaylor
Executive Editor and Publisher

Congratulations to moonShine’s 15th anniversary contributors!

moonShine review 15th
Anniversary Edition

To celebrate our fifteen-year anniversary as a publication, we invited folks to submit pieces about “politics.” When I encouraged creativity in interpreting this theme, I didn’t foresee the diversity with which our authors and artists could adopt and adapt—without ever digressing to dogma or becoming trite.

Settings range from factories to offices, restaurants to remote country roads. Characters diverge from sisters to robots, couples to criminals. Yet, we correlate the local sheriff ’s ethical issues with the state senator’s moral quandary. We find ties between a physical wall that creates discord between a husband and wife and an emotional wall erected by a rape victim to block the pain. Whether satirical or serious, these words and images distinguish the human condition as one driven by experience over nature, illustrated by the choices—right and wrong—characters make.

In the history of moonShine, I never set a theme until now, and I thought this would be the one exception. But I may rethink this, considering the tremendous response in submissions. It’s a positive dilemma to have too many good stories from which to choose, and I thank every one of you who submitted. As well, I applaud the gifted photographers who gave us a staggering number of stunning photos to grace our pages.

Special thanks to the following contributors to this issue:

Photographers: Julie Ann Cook, Lisa J. Ellis, Wendy H. Gill,
Jeanne Julian, Nick Romeo

Authors: Les Brown, Julie Ann Cook, Steve Cushman,
Barbara V. Evers, LJ Hippler, David Morris, David E. Poston,
Gary V. Powell, Leslie M. Rupracht, Jane Shlensky, Bob Strother,
Nancy Young

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Keep Writing ~ Keep Sharing
Anne M. Kaylor
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Theme for next moonShine review: Politics (whatever THAT means…)

For 15 years, I have held fast to the idea that moonShine review would not have a set theme in advance. Yet the stories and photography submitted always set a theme anyway. So, I’m more than a touch surprised we haven’t had an issue these past four years that focused on politics in some manner.

Since I like to mix it up any time a moonShine anniversary comes around, we’re breaking the rules (just this once) and inviting folks to submit stories about “politics.” But what definition of politics or kind of politics is completely up to you. If you visit the dictionary, you’ll find an array of possible meanings. My favorite definition appears pretty far down the list: “use of intrigue or strategy in obtaining any position of power or control, as in business, university, etc.” I can imagine a piece about the politics of hummingbirds as easily as one focused on government. And, given the current political climate of our nation, I’m guessing opinions will run the gambit and likely be both spirited and contentious. Good. That’s what we want.

Above all, we want your creativity and talent, so think beyond political treatises, please. Aristotle already covered it.

As always, we accept creative prose, fiction and nonfiction. And, as with other anniversary issues, we will feature more than one photographer, so we invite all past photographers, as well as new, to submit. Specific guidelines for submitting remain the same, so please visit our Submission Guidelines page on our website before sending your work. (Photography Exception: You should submit no more than 20 photographs.)

Feel free to direct questions to (after you’ve read through our guidelines).

The deadline for submitting is extended to September 30th, so get going!

Keep writing, keep sharing,
Anne Kaylor
Executive Editor & Publisher

Special Offerings to Celebrate a Special Year at moonShine review

It’s time to bookmark, because we are gearing up for a special year of celebration! Our Spring/Summer issue’s due out next week, and we have big plans for the 15-year anniversary issue in the fall. (Hint: For the first time in moonShine’s publication history, we WILL have a theme!)

Meanwhile, we’ll be offering different deals and discounts every month—on past and current issues. Check out “May Potluck: BOGO on past issues” to see our current offer.

We’re also working on getting those out-of-print issues into an online reader format for download, so you’ll want to stay tuned in each month!

Keep writing, keep sharing!

Anne Kaylor
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moonShine review Contributors Chosen for Spring/Summer Issue

MR-15-1 FRONT CoverThanks to all who submitted to our
next issue of moonShine review, and congratulations to the following contributors:

Featured Photographer: Wendy H. Gill

Featured Authors: Elizabeth B. Watson, Bob Strother, Allen D. Stevenson,
Duncan Richardson, Jeff Nazzaro,
Kimberly Lynne, BD Little, Olaf Kroneman, Charles Israel, Jr., Jayne Padgett Bowers, Gary Bolick, and Claire Armstrong

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Embers Front Cover-low resIn 1942, America has joined the allied forces as the Second World War rages on the international front. When tragedy strikes at home, Louise fractures, and it’s up to friends and family to bring her back. As everyone fights for the future and clings desperately to hope, Louise wonders if hope might not be the cruelest torture of all.

Third and final novel in the Burning Time trilogy, this compelling epic picks up where A Fire to Be Kindled left off, as protagonist Louise Carlyon, her family, and her friends struggle through war and personal crises—a book you won’t want to put down once you start reading…

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