moonSHINE Review Press

Publishing Prose, Poetry & More Since 2004


I’ve been an independent publisher for seventeen years, producing moonShine review and various other publications under different press names until formally establishing MOONSHINE REVIEW PRESS.

Over the years, I’ve focused on creative prose and photography for our bi-annual journal because I saw that as an untapped niche in this region back when I started publishing moonShine review. Since then, I’ve published—or helped get published—writers of practically every genre, from novels, short story and poetry collections, to spiritual guidebooks, memoirs, and historical documentaries.

As moonSHINE Review Press branches out with the addition of Kakalak Anthology of Poets and Artists to our published journals, we’ll take a break from publishing
individuals’ books but continue to assist individual writers with publishing their
works elsewhere.

About The Publisher

As an author, editor, graphic designer, and publisher, I keep a lot of plates spinning.
My background in technical writing, public relations, and graphic design has provided a great foundation for transitioning to creative editing and publishing. I love to assist
writers in taking their manuscript to the final product—adding design to editing

I write prose, poetry, and dabble in creative photography. My own publishing credits
include Pearl, Iodine Poetry Journal, The Main Street Rag, and two poetry collections:
Unwilling to Laugh Alone and Floating a Full Boat (2015 and 2009, Main Street Rag
Publishing Company). I’m renewed by filling the white expanse of a page with
creative words—my sanity dependent on deconstructing the world into a personally
meaningful place.

I spent my childhood roaming the East Coast—from Maine (where I was born), to
Florida, to Georgia—before settling in Arkansas when my dad retired from the Air
Force. I left home for college and lived just outside Terre Haute, Indiana, during my
early twenties. I moved to Charlotte, North Carolina, in 1990, and have lived in this
general area ever since. Though a northerner by birth, I’ve lived longer in the south
and resonate with author Flannery O’Connor on the dichotomy of being Catholic and
Southern, believing in the importance of grace—that moment in life or story when we
realize epiphany.

I’m passionate in my devotion to my family—James, Coda and Kelly, and Winnie
(husband, two greyhounds, and cat). And, now more than ever, I define myself as a
conservatively liberal thinker, believing we should all take our cues on living and
acceptance from Jesus, Muhammad, Ghandi, Martin Luther King, Jr., Buddha, Nelson
Mandela, Mother Teresa, John Lennon, and Fred Rogers.

Keep Writing. Keep Sharing.
Anne M. Kaylor


  1. AWESOME great website, Anne! I’m so excited about ALL of the plates you’re spinning in the air these days! Looking forward to your new publishing endeavors AND the Kakalak readings! WooooHoooo!!! Best wishes always! in joy!

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